How to implement OWOX BI Tracking Tag for view-through conversion tracking in Google Ad Manager

This guide is intended for online ad publishers. Read more about OWOX BI’s view-through conversion tracking feature and its requirements in this article.

  1. In your ad campaign settings, click Creatives:OWOX_BI_Tracking_Tag_1.png
  2. Click Settings:OWOX_BI_Tracking_Tag_3.png
  3. In the field Third-party tracking URLs (optional), insert an OWOX BI Tracking Tag that is intended for one of these ad campaign’s creatives:
  4. OWOX_BI_Tracking_Tag_2.png
  5. Now, select the type of event that will fire the OWOX BI Tracking Tag:OWOX_BI_Tracking_Tag_4.png
  6. Click Save.

Done. The view-through data for this creative will now be collected into your Google BigQuery dataset along with the other session data.

Repeat the procedure for every creative you have in the ad campaign.

Important: The ad platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google do not support any third-party tracking tags. This means that post-view conversion tracking can’t be implemented on these platforms.

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