View-through conversions tracking (beta)

Note: The view-through conversions tracking beta is not available in the subscription plan Start.

If you have direct media ads publications, OWOX BI can help you track how video and banner ad views affect both online and offline conversions — even if a customer never clicked on the ad.

What are view-through conversions and how does OWOX BI track them

Users can see your media ads such as video or a banner, not click to your website through it, yet, eventually, come to your online or physical store and buy something. View-through tracking connects these actions and lets you know which ad views actually lead to conversions.

OWOX BI view-through tracking collects data about user views of direct ad platform publications and then sends them to your Google BigQuery project in near real-time.

The data is being collected on the user level, so you’re able to connect them with other actions of this user and track their path from an ad view up to the conversion. Moreover, OWOX BI can connect views and conversions of a single user when they are up to 360 days apart from each other.

As a result, you’ll be able to calculate CPA and ROAS of your media ads.

What you need to set up view-through conversion tracking in OWOX BI

View-through conversion tracking works thanks to the special OWOX BI Tracking Tag. The tag is created by OWOX BI team for your ads specifically. We can create the tag for you once you have these done:

  1. Have an OWOX BI user behavior data pipeline set up
  2. Know the number of ad views expected by your ad publisher
  3. Know the flight time (media ad campaign period)
  4. Know the number of Google Ad Manager creatives (if your publisher uses Google Ad Manager) you want to track in your ad campaign — we’ll prepare separate tag for each creative
  5. Know if your ad publisher uses any third-party tracking tags

Once you have a user behavior data pipeline working and all the information from the list above, contact us at We’ll prepare OWOX BI Tracking Tags for your case. These tags can then be used by your ad publisher to implement view-through conversion tracking for your video and banner ads in their ad management platform.

Read more: How to integrate OWOX BI Tracking Tag as an ad publisher.

Once the tags are implemented, your user behavior data pipeline will start collecting media ad views data to your Google BigQuery project.

Important: The ad platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google do not support any third-party tracking tags. This means that post-view conversion tracking can’t be implemented on these platforms.

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