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Setting up the Google BigQuery → ClickHouse pipeline (alpha version)

Important:The Google BigQuery → ClickHouse pipeline is currently in the alpha testing stage. The functionality is still in development. If you're meeting any difficulties in setting up or working with the pipeline, please let our support team know by writing at or via the online chat.

The Google BigQuery → ClickHouse lets you automate data export to ClickHouse, a column-oriented database management system (DBMS) for online analytical processing of queries (OLAP) from Yandex.

Thanks to our pipeline, you can:

  • Automatically import to ClickHouse the data collect in BigQuery by any other integration 
  • Move sensitive and personal data from a third-party cloud to your own server and safely interact with it there

What you need to set up a Google BigQuery → ClickHouse pipeline

Before setting up the pipeline in OWOX BI, make sure you have:

  • Data collected to Google BigQuery. For example website user behavior data uploaded via OWOX BI's Google Analytics → Google BigQuery pipeline
  • Set up and working ClickHouse on your server. Read the complete guide on setting up and working with ClickHouse in its official documentation
  • Created a database and a table in ClickHouse. During the pipeline creation, you'll need to specify where you want to upload the BigQuery data to

Setting up the pipeline

On the OWOX BI main page, in the Pipeline section, click Create pipeline:Create_pipeline_blank_en.png

  1. Select Google BigQuery as the data source:GBQ_ClickHouse_source_en.png
  2. Select ClickHouse as the pipeline destination:GBQ_ClickHouse_destination_en.png
  3. Provide OWOX BI with the access to a Google account that, in turn, has access to the Google BigQuery containing the data you want to export to ClickHouse:GBQ_ClickHouse_access_en.png
  4. Select the Google BigQuery project that stores the data you want to export:GBQ_ClickHouse_GBQ_access_en.png
  5. Provide access to your ClickHouse. To do this, you need to specify the Host and the Port of your ClickHouse server, as well as the Username and the Password:image_56.png
  6. Finally, select the ClickHouse Database and the Table you want to export data to. Also, specify the export behavior, Summation or Overwrite:image_57.png

Done! The Google BigQuery → ClickHouse pipeline is set up and is exporting data to your ClickHouse server.

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