How does OWOX BI Data Monitoring work (open beta)

OWOX BI Data Monitoring is currently in open beta. You can try it for free in any OWOX BI project but be aware that the feature is still in development.
If you have encountered any issues while working with Data Monitoring, please let us know by writing to our support team at or via online chat.

What is OWOX BI Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring constantly checks the integrity and relevance of the ad cost data that OWOX BI exports from advertising platforms to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery.

On a single page, you can quickly get daily statistics on all the cost data pipelines in your OWOX BI project and information about cost data import statuses for any day:


The Data Monitoring page is accessed via the new side menu item:


What does Data Monitoring provide to you

Here's what you can find on the Data Monitoring open beta page.

  • All your ad services to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery pipelines (except Facebook → Google BigQuery and LinkedIn → Google BigQuery). They're divided by sources and hidden within the folding items:
  • Click on the pipeline type you need, and all the pipelines of such types existing in this project will unfold:
  • You can select the date range within which you want to monitor data. For this, use the date selector field in the upper-right of the page. Select a preset slice, or specify the date range by selecting the from … to … item.
  • The cells of different colors are the data import statuses. Each cell represents a data import for a specific day. Here are the statuses of Data Monitoring displays in the open beta:
    • Light-green: data is uploaded to Google Analytics and discrepancy with the source ad service account is within the acceptable norm which is 2%.
    • Dark-green: data is uploaded and there is no discrepancy between the source account and the data imported to GA.
    • Red: data is uploaded but the discrepancy between the source account and the data imported to GA is greater than 2%.
    • Yellow: there was no ad cost data in the ad service account for this day.
    • White with the crossed-out eye icon: the data for this day was not imported or wasn't imported yet. There are three possible reasons for this status: 1) the import hasn't started yet (the usual status for today and tomorrow); 2) the import never happened due to technical issues either on the part of the ad service or from the OWOX BI side; 3) the pipeline hadn't been created at all as for the selected date. In the former two cases, the status should certainly change as soon as OWOX B updates the data.
  • By clicking on any cell, you can see the details on each status: the exact discrepancy percentage and the exact time when OWOX BI has last updated the data in Google Analytics:
  • Data Monitoring shows you alert messages in the daily import details. You will know that one of your daily cost imports has a message with an alert icon. Click on the icon and you'll see the alert text:

For which pipelines is Data Monitoring available

  1. All the OWOX BI pipelines that export ad cost data from ad services to Google Analytics. For example, Facebook → Google Analytics, Twitter → Google Analytics, Bing → Google Analytics, and more.
  2. All the ad services → Google BigQuery pipelines except Facebook → Google BigQuery and LinkedIn → Google BigQuery.

Which OWOX BI users can access Data Monitoring

The beta version of Data Monitoring is free for all OWOX BI users. If you have any ad cost data pipeline running, go ahead and try Data Monitoring right now!

We keep working on the Data Monitoring feature — this open beta showcases only a part of the capabilities we plan for it.

So watch the updates, monitor the quality of your data, and write to us at Tell us what you think of the new feature and what you expect to see in it in the future.

We'd be happy to hear your feedback :)

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