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How does OWOX BI bill extra ad service cost data pipelines

Note: This article explores the billing method relevant to the subscription plan tiers from Basic 100K to Basic 10M that were activated on or after July 31, 2019.

Which subscription plans include billing for extra cost data pipelines from ad services

Each tier in the Basic plan features a set number of ad cost data pipelines included in the subscription. Each extra ad cost data pipeline above this number is billed additionally.

Subscription Ad service → Google Analytics pipelines included in the subscription Additional cost per each extra ad cost pipeline
Basic 100K 3 $50
Basic 400K 12 $40
Basic 1M 30 $35
Basic 2.5M 65 $30
Basic 5M 115 $30
Basic 10M 200 $30


What pipeline types are considered in the subscription

All the ad cost data pipelines from advertising services to Google Analytics are considered:


OWOX BI considers in billing only those pipelines in your project which had imported at least 1 byte of data within the billing period.

The pipelines that had not imported any data within the billing period and have “Empty data” as an import status are not considered in billing.

The pipeline status (“Active” or “Blocked”) doesn’t affect the final bill. All pipelines, either active or blocked, will be considered if they had imported any data within the billing period.

Pipelines that collect user behavior data from Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, SendGrid, SparkPost, Mandrill, and UniOne to Google BigQuery don’t fall into the pipelines limit of your subscription. This type of pipelines, however, has limits for unique users whose data OWOX BI processes within the billing period. Learn more about how unique users are billed and calculated

What happens if you exceed the pipelines limit of your subscription

Each Ad service → Google Analytics pipeline that exceeds the subscription limit, will be billed additionally — from $50 to $30 depending on your sbscription. The charge for exceeding the limit will be sent to you in a separate invoice at the end of the month within which the limit was exceeded.


Your subscription tier is Basic 400K. The subscription costs $425/month and includes 12 Ad service → Google Analytics pipelines.

As of the end of March, you have 12 pipelines importing data in your project. At the beginning of March, you get a $425 prepayment invoice for March, while at the end of March you get an additional invoice for $0 since you had no pipelines exceeding the limit in this month.

In April, all 12 pipelines were still importing data. Plus, you had additionally created one more pipeline that month. By the end of April, you had 13 pipelines exporting ad cost data to Google Analytics. As the result, your total charge for April is $465, which includes: 1) $425 subscription fee you’ve paid at the beginning of April + 2) an additional $40 charge for 1 extra pipeline when April is over.

In May, 12 out of 13 ad cost pipelines had been importing data. One pipeline hadn’t imported anything. As a result, your total charge for May won’t get outside the monthly $425 subscription fee.

How to get the statistics on your Ad service → Google Analytics pipelines

In OWOX BI, go to Project Settings in the left-side menu > click the Usage tab:


On this screen, you can monitor, how many ad cost data pipelines you have in your OWOX BI project, which of them had imported data and when, and whether you have exceeded the pipelines limit of your subscription.

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