How to change currency in an existing pipeline?

You can change the currency used to display in Google Analytics the ad costs imported via OWOX BI Pipeline. To do this, change the currency setting for the Google Analytics view you selected when creating the pipeline. You can see which view it is on the pipeline page in OWOX BI.

In this case, the new currency setting will be applied only to the data OWOX BI will import to Google Analytics after you've changed the setting. The currency won't change for the previously imported data.

However, unless your project is not on the free subscription plan Start, you can change the currency for both new and historical cost data (but no more than for 6 months back).

To do this, you need to change the GA view currency setting, delete the existing pipeline and re-create the pipeline again, then contact our support team so we could re-import all the data you need. Note that updating these historical data in your Google Analytics may take up to 48 hours.

Note:For the free subscription plan Start, the data previously uploaded to Google Analytics can't be updated outside the 7-day update period. If your project is under the Start subscription, you don't need to contact our support, just re-create the pipeline and the data inside the update period will be updated automatically.

Let's now dissect into steps on how you change the currency and initiate historical data updates.

1. Set the currency you need in the Google Analytics view settings

Follow this Google Analytics documentation.

2. Delete the pipeline you want to change the currency in

On the pipeline page, click Actions, then Delete:



3. Create the pipeline again using the same settings

Select the same source ad service account, Google Analytics property and the view for which you've changed the currency setting.

Make sure you've set the Data import start date for no later date than you want to update data for in Google Analytics. The Data import start date can be changed anytime in the Settings tab on the pipeline page.

4. Contact us and we'll re-import your ad cost data to Google Analytics

Once you've created the pipeline, contact our support team by writing at or to the support chat. Request updating the imported cost data in your Google Analytics account. When doing so, make sure you provide a link to your pipeline and specify the period you want to update your data for.

Note that historical ad cost data in Google Analytics can be updated only for no more than the previous six months. 

5. Done. Once the support team has processed your request, the cost data will be updated in your Google Analytics account within 48 hours, and with the right currency applied.

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