March 15, 2019 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Yandex.Direct → Google Analytics: now supporting {campaign_name} and {match_type} dynamic parameters

Now OWOX BI Pipeline imports to Google Analytics the values of the {campaign_name} and {match_type} URL-parameters of the Yandex.Direct ads.

Why you need these parameters

If you’re using these parameters in your ad links, now you can get Google Analytics reports on ad costs spending by ad campaigns and matches between impression criteria and search queries.

How to upload values for these parameters for past dates

If you’ve been using the parameters before, you can get their values imported to Google Analytics property retrospectively — just write In the letter, specify the name of your OWOX BI project and give the link to your Yandex.Direct → Google Analytics pipeline.

Note that you need to be subscribed to Basic, Business, or Enterprise pricing plan in OWOX BI to get this retrospective data.

Value to insert in URL Description Transmitted value
{campaign_name} Ad campaign name Text up to 60 characters
{match_type} Type of match between impression criteria and search query

rm — autotargeting
syn — synonym
rkw — related keyword


The full list of Yandex.Direct dynamic parameters OWOX BI imports to Google Analytics

About URL-parameters in Yandex.Direct help center

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