Why does the historical cost data is updated only for the previous day on the "Start" plan?

Ad cost statistics in your ad service account is not set in stone. After an ad service gets a day's data, it keeps updating retrospectively for some period of time. For example, ad services automatically clean the statistics from bot activity, false clicks and more.

That said, OWOX BI doesn't simply upload data from your ad service account to Google Analytics. Our service automatically checks these retrospective changes and keeps the imported ad cost data up-to-date in GA as well.

For the subscription plans "Basic", "Business", and "Enterprise", the period within such actualization happens is 21 days. This means that 21 days after the initial import, the figures in Google Analytics will be exactly the same as shown in the ad service account.

However, for the free subscription plan "Start", this update happens only to the previous-day data.

Why it's limited for the "Start" plan?

To query and process data from an advertising service, OWOX BI uses the Google Cloud calculation resources. While for the paid plans ("Basic" and above) the cost of these calculations are included in the subscription plan, for the "Start", all calculations are covered by OWOX BI. The more data OWOX BI queries, the more are the expenses on using Google Cloud resources.

Will this limitation remain forever?

No. The OWOX BI team is currently working on optimizing how our service utilizes the Google Cloud resources. Soon, the historical data update period on the "Start" plan will become larger.

How to get the data actualization period larger right now?

We recommend getting the "Basic", "Business", or "Enterprise" plans which have the cost of historical data updates covered in the subscription and feature the 21-day data actualization period.

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