Why does on the "Start" plan the retrospective cost data can be updated for no more than past 7 days?

OWOX BI automatically keeps up-to-date the cost data imported to Google Analytics via a pipeline, in case the data was altered in the advertising service retrospectively.

For the "Start" pricing plan, the data is updated for the previous 7 days. Due to this limitation, the data can't be altered retrospectively outside this period.

Why it's limited for the "Start" plan

To query and process data from an advertising service, OWOX BI uses the Google Cloud calculation resources. All calculations are paid from our side. The more data OWOX BI queries, the more are the expenses on using Google Cloud resources.

For most small projects keeping cost data up-to-date for the previous 7 days is enough to have a relevant cost data picture. That's why the free "Start" plan has this limitation.

How to get the data actualization period larger

For larger projects, we recommend getting the "Basic", "Business", or "Enterprise" plans where we provide more resources for data actualization and keep it updated for the previous 21 days.

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