Historical data updates

Ad cost statistics in your ad service account is not set in stone. After an ad service gets a day's data, it keeps updating retrospectively for some period of time. For example, ad services automatically clean the statistics from bot activity, false clicks, and more.

That said, OWOX BI doesn't simply upload data from your ad service account to Google Analytics or Google BigQuery. Our service automatically checks these retrospective changes and keeps the imported ad cost data up-to-date.

How we update historical data

For all the plans except the free plan Start, the period within the historical data actualization happens is 21 days.

This means that 21 days after the initial import for each day, the figures in Google Analytics or in a BigQuery table will be exactly the same as shown in the ad service account.

Within this 21-day period, we update data every few days as well.

How we update historical data for the Start subscription plan

For the free subscription plan Start, this update period is 7 days.

When you create a new ad cost data pipeline for the Start and Trial plans, OWOX BI automatically imports to Google Analytics historical data for 2 previous months. For the paid plans, OWOX BI imports data for the previous 6 months.

Read about data actualization in the Google Analytics Cost Data β†’ Google BigQuery and Ad service β†’ Google BigQuery pipelines.

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