Explore Smart Data reports in Google Data Studio

View Smart Data reports in Google Data Studio, visualize report data, and create Data Studio reports based on this data.

How it works

  1. Open any Smart Data report.
  2. Click Explore in Data StudioExplore_in_Data_Studio_1_3.png
  3. OWOX BI will generate an URL link containing the report data and send it to Data Studio. After that, the data is available in Data Studio Explorer where you can visualize it as various charts and use it to create a Data Studio report: Explore_in_Data_Studio_2.png

If the SQL request to the data source is too long and exceeds the Data Studio limitations, then OWOX BI saves the request as a BigQuery view in a dataset created for such cases. Then, OWOX BI sends the link to the created view to Data Studio.

Note:We highly recommend you using Google BigQuery tables instead of views as data sources for your Smart Data reports.
In the case with exploring Smart Data reports in Google Data Studio, the SQL dialects of the query and of the source view may be different. If this is the case, a snaphot of your report's data will be taken and used in Data Studio. However you still will be able to explore the report in Data Studio, it will use static data that will not be updated.

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