Alytics integration

Set up the integration

  1. On your attribution model page, open Results tab, enable data export to bidding services and select Alytics:
  2. Copy the link you get:
  3. Enter the link in the settings of your Alytics project. For more details, see Alytics help center (Russian) or contact
    The data will appear in Alytics on the next day. 

How does OWOX BI send data to Alytics

Example: we have a set of sessions that led to a transaction:

  • December 25 — google/cpc/c1 — 0.2
  • December 26 — organic — 0.2
  • January 5 — email — 0.1
  • January 10 — display — 0.15
  • January 20 — yandex/cpc/c2 — 0.35

We transmit data for 'date=2018-01-20' using two methods:

  1. Send data on all the sessions that led to a transaction on this date.
    In our example, that are all the sessions listed above.
  2. Send data on all the sessions that happened on this date.
    In our example, it's just yandex/cpc/c2.

Example of the data sent

OWOX BI transmits a CSV file with this structure:

Parameter Value example
count 1
revenue 10070.0
cid ga1.2.111111111.3333333333
utm_medium direct
utm_source cpc
utm_campaign 789789789-kampanija
utm_content v2||11111111||222222222||3333333
utm_term phrase
session_id 3333333333
session_date 2018-01-20
user_id 3333333333
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