K50 integration

К50 is a set of tools that let you adjust bid management rules as well as the activity of your advertising campaigns, ad groups, and keywords according to the KPIs set by you.

Connect revenue and transactions data from your attribution model to K50 and set up automatic bid management to maximize your ROI, revenue, lower ad cost ratio, and improve other business metrics.

Integrating your OWOX BI Attribution model with K50 lets you:

  • Lower your ad cost to revenue ratio for any campaign groups
  • Lower the bids and turn off the keywords that have low conversion into target actions on the website 
  • Keep high-ROI keywords and ad groups in the top of search results

Set up the integration

  1. On your attribution model page, open Results tab, enable Data export to bidding services and select K50:
  2. Copy the Access token you get:
  3. Enter the token in the K50 project settings.
    Connect your attribution model to K50 as an external source, more on setting up the connection in K50 help center (in Russian).

How does OWOX BI send data to К50

Example: we have a set of sessions that led to a transaction:

  • December 25 — google/cpc/c1 — 0.2
  • December 26 — organic — 0.2
  • January 5 — email — 0.1
  • January 10 — display — 0.15
  • January 20 — yandex/cpc/c2 — 0.35

We transmit data for 'date=2018-01-20'. That would be all the sessions that led to a transaction on this date.

In our example, that are all the sessions listed above.

Example of the data sent

OWOX BI transmits a CSV file with this structure:

Parameter Value example
date 2018-05-01
orderId 111.222_333|XX444.555
goal_1 22,26
utm_medium email
utm_source newsletter
utm_content (not set)
utm_campaign campaign 1
utm_term (not set)
landing www.site.com/catalog/
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