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Data and accesses you need to start working with OWOX BI

To make use of the major part of the OWOX BI features, you need access to Google BigQuery, a cloud analytics storage. Read more in the article "Get access to the Google BigQuery storage in Google Cloud Platform."

In the current article, we outline what data and data sources you need to solve your tasks with OWOX BI.

Data and accesses needed for setting up automatic data export from advertising services

Data export to Google Analytics:

Data export to Google BigQuery:


  • Access to cost data from ad services to export directly

Data and accesses needed for setting up the collection of user behavior data to Google BigQuery

Provide OWOX BI with access to:

  • The Google Analytics view that collects data you want to collect to BigQuery
  • The Google BigQuery project you want to collect data to

Data needed for building a Funnel-Based attribution model

Website user behavior data:

Cost data:

Relevant data on conversions:

Which of these sources are required to connect depends purely on the goals you set for building your attribution model.

More details are in the article "Data needed to work with OWOX BI Attribution."

Data needed for getting Smart Data reports based on your data in Google BigQuery

You can either build reports based on your OWOX BI Attribution model data or connect a BigQuery data source and get these reports:

User behavior reports

Conversion reports (online, offline, ROPO: research online purchase offline)

Note that in order to get some of the Smart Data reports, you need to provide OWOX BI with the access to more than one data source. For example, to get a ROPO report, you need two sources: 1) user behavior data and 2) transactions data from CRM.


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