What is OWOX BI

OWOX BI is three marketing analytics solutions under one roof: Pipeline, Attribution and Smart Data.

Together, they work as your personal marketing analyst that lets you:

  1. Collect and merge your data from advertising and analytics services.
  2. Build an extensive attribution model that considers the true value of all your sales and marketing channels, both online and offline, and helps you learn how each of these channels affects customer conversion.
  3. Get reports based on the merged raw data from different sources

Let’s now dive deep into each of the OWOX BI solutions.

OWOX BI Pipeline data collection and cost data import

Lets you collect raw data from different sources storing it in Google BigQuery and import detailed cost data from ad services to Google Analytics and BigQuery.

In OWOX BI Pipeline, you can:

  • Set up the automatic cost data import from advertising services such as Facebook to Google Analytics
  • Import cost data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery
  • Collect raw non-sampled data about user behavior on a website to Google BigQuery, both on hit and session level
  • Collect mobile app analytics data from AppsFlyer
  • Extend Google Analytics data with PII data and data from call tracking systems
  • Collect real-time webhook events from email services

OWOX BI Attribution

After you’ve collected raw data in Google BigQuery, you can use it to build an extensive attribution model based on both online and offline touchpoints in your sales funnel.

The ML Funnel Based Attribution model from OWOX BI employs machine algorithms to track your customers’ path from initial engagement to conversion by bringing together data from Google Analytics, CRM systems, and custom online and offline events like phone calls, personal meetings or emails.

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OWOX BI Smart Data reports

In OWOX BI Smart Data, use queries in plain English or an easy-to-use constructor to get reports based on the data from your attribution model, CRM and call tracking systems, learn the role of the ROPO effect in your online commerce and monitor the quality of your CPA campaigns.

You can export your report to Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.


In order to start working with OWOX BI, you need access to Google BigQuery, a cloud analytics service working both as data storage and data processing and analytics tool.

Google BigQuery can easily store up to petabytes of raw non-sampled data. It doesn’t need admins or maintenance and the data processing is affordable: $5 per terabyte.

To start working with BigQuery, you only need to create a Google Cloud Platform project.


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