SparkPost: set up data collection

Collect data on your SparkPost email campaigns' events sending them in real time to Google BigQuery as webhook events.

What you need before creating a pipeline

To use Google BigQuery and create a pipeline in OWOX BI, you need a Google Cloud Platform project with activated billing.

Your OWOX BI project needs to have a subscription plan Marketing Data, Reports & Attribution, or Enterprise.

How to create a pipeline 

1. On the OWOX BI main page, in the Pipeline section, click Create pipeline:


2. Select SparkPost as a data source:


3. Get the API key in your SparkPost account on the API keys page.

4. Back on the pipeline creation screen in OWOX BI, click Add API key and paste the key to the SparkPost API key field:


In the Key title field, type in any name you like. Click Save.

5. Provide access to the BigQuery account where you want to collect your SparkPost events to.

6. Specify the BigQuery project and dataset where you want to store the data tables:


You can create a new dataset by clicking Create in the drop-down list.

7. Finally, click Create.

OWOX BI will send the event data on your SparkPost campaigns as soon as the events happen.

See the BigQuery data schema.

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