How to download an invoice for using OWOX BI?

You can download an invoice in your project settings. Invoice is a document that proves that using of OWOX BI was paid according to the OWOX BI Terms of Service. To be able to download an invoice, you need the Administration access rights for this OWOX BI project.

Here's how to download an invoice:

1. On the OWOX BI main page, go to Project settings or Billing.

2. In the Billing tab, in the Invoices section, find the invoice you need. It should have the Paid status.

3. Click on the PDF file icon to download the invoice.

You can download invoices for the dates starting from August 2018. If you need an invoice for a date before August 2018, contact your Customer Success Manager, and we'll provide you with the invoice.

Note:An invoice will be issued with the name of your OWOX BI project as a recipient. If you need to have your organization's name instead of the project name, we recommend to rename your OWOX BI project to the name you want to see in the invoice before the end of the month. To rename the project, click the edit icon near the project's name on the Project Settings screen.
As an alternative, contact your Customer Success Manager and request adding the legal name and the address of your company to the invoice.

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