Mango Office: data sent to BigQuery

Data sent Parameter Description BigQuery column name
Protocol version &v Currently: '1' N/A
Tracking ID &tid Google Analytics tracking ID trackingId
gcid &cid Google client ID clientId
utm_source &cs The value of the utm_source tag. If absent: '(not_set)'. traffic.source
utm_medium &cm The value of the utm_medium tag. If absent: '(not_set)'. traffic.medium
utm_campaign &cn The value of the utm_campaign tag. If absent: '(not_set)'. traffic.campaign
utm_content &cс The value of the utm_content tag. If absent: '(not_set)'. traffic.adContent 
utm_term &ck The value of the utm_term tag. If absent: '(not_set)'. traffic.keyword 
Data source &ds Always 'call-center' dataSource
Phone number &tel The phone number of a caller userPhone
Call time &qt

When the call was made.
Calculated as: event time minus the &qt parameter value

Event action &ea Call status:
all calls
new call
quality call
new quality call
Event category &ec Always 'dynamic call' eventInfo.eventCategory
Tracking number &el The tracking the call was made to eventInfo.eventLabel
Call duration &ev Call duration eventInfo.eventValue 
IP Override &uip Session IP device.ip 
Call origin page &dr  Path to the page the call originated from traffic.referralPath
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