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You can extend user behavior data collected by the Google Analytics→Google BigQuery pipeline with the data from a call tracking system

The integration lets you collect data about calls from Calltouch as the "event"-type hits to hit data ("streaming") and session data ("bi_sessions", "session_streaming") tables in Google BigQuery. The call data is sent via Measurement Protocol to Google Analytics and OWOX BI simultaneously.

Note: Phone numbers will be collected to BigQuery tables only since it's restricted to collect any personal ID data in Google Analytics.

The call data sent with a delay will always get to the hit data tables if they contain a &qt (queueTime) parameter. The data will get to the session data tables only the hit was sent within 48 hours after the end of the day the event happened according to the timezone set in the Google Analytics view. The 48 hours period is the time needed to form a consistent session table.

Set up data collection from to your Google Analytics→Google BigQuery pipeline

In, leave a request to integrate with OWOX BI.

Details are in the blog.

All data collected to Google BigQuery

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