Call tracking data reports

OWOX BI supports integration with call tracking services and allows matching the call tracking events with the user behavior data. It is useful when you need to analyze your customers’ interactions via the tracked phone numbers, and include the call interactions as a touchpoint in your business sales funnel. Such an approach provides you with insights on:

  • the total number of calls per a certain period;
  • the efficiency of the phone number ad campaigns;
  • contribution of your call center to a customer's journey through the sales funnel;
  • etc.

All these reports will be represented in a graphical or a table view in the OWOX BI Smart Data service.

What you need to get Smart Data reports on call tracking

To create reports on call tracking, you need to complete the preliminary steps:

1. Create the Google Analytics→Google BigQuery user behavior data streaming pipeline with the session data collection enabled.

2. Set up OWOX BI integration with the call tracking service.

3. Make sure a data source for User behavior data is defined in the Smart Data source set.

4. In the same source set, define a data source for the Call tracking data:

  • Open the source set using the drop-down menu > Edit icon:


Alternatively, click Gear icon > Manage data sources > selected source set > Edit action:


  • On the Edit data source set screen, find the Call tracking data section, and click Add data:


  • In the opened window, select the required call tracking service, then click Add data:
  • Click Save changes to apply the new configurations to the entire source set.

If you don’t use the call tracking services above yet collect data in a different way, you can still create reports on call tracking in Smart Data. To do it, complete the next actions:
- upload the call tracking data to Google BigQuery table following this structure;
- add this table as a data source for Other data (Custom events data) in Smart Data.

That’s all. On the Call tracking tab, you’ll see the templates of ready-made reports:


You can create your own reports by entering different combinations of the following metrics and dimensions in the Query input field.

  • Metrics:

- count of calls

- count of callers

- average call duration

  • Dimensions:

- call status


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