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Greetings, Sumo-ling!

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI! To make sure that you feel cozy while working with OWOX BI, we’ve gathered links to all the resources you’ll need.

We’re also reminding you that the Basic 0 plan lets you set up three types of pipelines in OWOX BI:

  1. Ad cost data import to Google Analytics
  2. Raw ad data export from Facebook and Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery
  3. Data import from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics

First off, choose the pipeline that fits your business objectives the most, then follow the instructions below.

1. Ad cost data import to Google Analytics

To set up a pipeline for importing ad cost data, follow this video guide:

For more, check out these articles:

Cost data import: Check the settings in Google Analytics — to get your GA account ready for data import.

Cost data import: Run the automatic import — to import ad cost data from Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing Ads, and more.

Import costs from other sources — in case you need to import cost data from other sources.

Once you’ve set up the pipelines, you might want to see the imported cost data in Google Analytics. To do that, go to Google Analytics reports: Acquisition -> Campaigns -> Cost Analysis.

2. Raw ad data export from Facebook and Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery

To import raw advertising data from Facebook or Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery, follow the instructions in this article.

3. Data export from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics

If you need to upload data you store in Google BigQuery to Google Analytics, follow this guide.

To ensure the correct pipeline setup, see the query requirements.

Once everything’s ready to go, you’ll be able to upload additional data about products and ad campaigns for building more detailed reports with the information you need. You’ll also get to change the structure of imported data, custom dimensions name or account ids, without involving a developer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below, we’ve organized the links with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. They may come in handy to troubleshoot possible issues with setting up the pipelines.

General questions

About the data you import

Costs analysis in Google Analytics

Ad services





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