CRM data dimensions and metrics


  • average COGS, average cost of goods sold
  • transaction discount
  • CRM revenue
  • gross profit
  • number of fulfilled transactions
  • number of not fulfilled transactions
  • transactions count in CRM
  • share of fulfilled transactions
  • share of not fulfilled transactions
  • number of customers in CRM
  • ROI in CRM
  • ROI by gross profit
  • ROAS in CRM
  • ROAS by gross profit
  • advertising-to-sales ratio in CRM
  • advertising-to-sales ratio by completed orders
  • advertising-to-sales ratio by gross profit
  • CPO in CRM
  • CPO by completed orders
  • orders completion rate, transactions completion rate


  • product brand
  • 1st level product category
  • 2nd level product category
  • 3rd level product category
  • user phone number in CRM
  • user email in CRM
  • transaction status
  • a person that processes the transaction
  • transaction touchpoint
  • store
  • transactionCoupon
  • currency in CRM
  • transaction delivery type
  • transaction payment type
  • city in CRM
  • region in CRM
  • country in CRM
  • delivery time
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