OWOX BI's Commitment to Pipeline Maintenance

At OWOX BI, we are unwavering in our dedication to providing world-class maintenance with the utmost stability and understanding of how crucial data is for your business processes.

Ensuring Seamless Operability

For all pipelines not marked as deprecated (which we notify you about in advance), we ensure the seamless operability of both Fully-Managed and By-Request pipelines.

Managing Third-Party Dependencies We recognize the importance of third-party products and their APIs in our services. While we don't control these APIs, our extensive experience with pipelines for thousands of users has shown that disruptions are infrequent.

Even when issues arise from updates and changes in the APIs of data sources, we turn challenges into opportunities to reinforce our system’s resilience.

Proactive Monitoring and Updates

Our proactive approach involves continuous monitoring and swift pipeline updates, ensuring uninterrupted data collection and backward compatibility whenever technically feasible. This commitment allows us to implement necessary changes seamlessly, often without any action required from you.

Keeping You Informed

We take pride in keeping you informed about significant updates through our detailed changelog.

With OWOX BI, you can trust that your data pipeline is in expert hands, maintained with precision and reliability.

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