Difference between native Data transfer connector and OWOX BI pipeline for Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) to BigQuery

Recently, Google introduced a native connector called Facebook Ads Data Transfer. This connector allows you to retrieve advertising data directly from your Facebook account into your Google BigQuery project.

In this article, we will compare the OWOX BI Fully Managed pipeline "Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) → Google BigQuery" with this native integration from Google.

Pros and Cons of the Google Data Transfer Connector

Before diving into the comparison, it's crucial to highlight an important point: the native connector from Google provides data from Facebook exclusively for the previous day.

Consequently, this setup means that each day's import will overwrite the previous day's metrics, leaving only the data for the most recent day. Additionally, this makes it impossible to update metrics or extract retrospective data. This is likely the biggest drawback of this solution, overshadowing any other advantages.

Comparison of Google Data Transfer Connector with OWOX BI Pipeline

Below is a comprehensive list comparing the OWOX BI pipeline with Google's native integration:

  OWOX BI Data Transfer from Google
Who does the setup? The customer or OWOX BI manager, who has sufficient access to the Ad account and their Google account, must be granted both the BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery User roles. The customer with access to the Ad account and BigQuery.
Who is responsible for import? OWOX BI Customer
Is everything being configured in one window? ❌ No, you must make changes on developers.facebook.com within your developer application
Can I download historical data? ✅ Yes, unlimited ❌ No, maximum for the past day
Will the previous data be updated if the Facebook ad account changes? ✅ Yes, up to 21 days
Will the data be collected in one place over time? ✅ Yes, unlimited ❌ No, the data will be overwritten every day
Are the dynamic parameters being parsed?
Can I choose from which account to upload data?
Are UTM parameters available? ❌ No, that can lead to errors at the data aggregation level.


As a result, it is clear that the current tools available in Data Transfer are insufficient for building a comprehensive report, such as a CMO dashboard, where up-to-date data for the entire period is required.

Therefore, we recommend you view the data schema of the OWOX BI pipeline "Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) → Google BigQuery," which has already addressed all the points mentioned above.



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