May 1, 2024 — OWOX BI SQL Copilot is now available within a Chrome extension


We recently unveiled our first AI-powered solution on the ChatGPT marketplace—SQL Copilot for BigQuery. Building on this innovation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new extension now available in the official Chrome Web Store: OWOX: SQL AI Copilot for BigQuery.

Opting for a Chrome extension aligns with our commitment to enhancing the efficiency of data analytics professionals. Frequent switching between the BigQuery code editor and other applications can disrupt your workflow. Our solution? We've made SQL Copilot more accessible right within your coding environment in BigQuery, eliminating the need to switch tabs. This extension allows users to seamlessly integrate SQL Copilot into their workspace, alongside other essential tools such as BigQuery and Google Sheets.

How SQL Copilot works in the BigQuery interface


Once you install the SQL Copilot Chrome extension, a new button labeled 'OWOX SQL' will appear within the BigQuery query editor interface. Simply click this button to open a convenient sidebar right in your browser. This sidebar features the OWOX BI SQL Copilot for BigQuery, allowing you to view your SQL code on the left while interacting with the Copilot on the right. This setup not only facilitates easier code generation but also smartly leverages your tables' schemas and their interrelationships to assist you effectively.

Are you eager to enhance your coding experience with these capabilities?

Open Chrome Web Store

Installing the Chrome extension in two clicks


Begin by navigating to the OWOX: SQL AI Copilot for BigQuery page on the official Chrome Web Store. A simple click on the 'Add to Chrome' button starts the process.

Once you click, a prompt will ask you to confirm the action. Confirm it, and the installation is complete—you're all set to go!


For optimal efficiency, we suggest pinning SQL Copilot to your toolbar. This allows you to activate the chat with just a single click, streamlining your workflow even further.



First use instructions

Upon your initial launch of the SQL Copilot, you might encounter a prompt to log into the ChatGPT plugin. Simply open the OWOX BigQuery Copilot plugin and enter the 'Sign in to BigQuery Extension' command. Follow the instructions to complete your sign-in directly within the conversation.

For a clear visual guide, we highly recommend watching the video below, which details each step of the process.


After that, you will be able to use the BigQuery SQL Copilot in your sidebar alongside BigQuery. (or another tab in your browser).

Enjoy the enhanced coding experience!


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If you want more insights and details about this Chrome extension, you can visit the dedicated section in our Help Center. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI!


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