Uncovering and resolving issues

GPT enters a seemingly endless loop and doesn’t execute actions

This may be caused by two reasons:

  • you don’t have permission to access the project or dataset you provided;
  • you are trying to validate the correctness of the query based on the public dataset.

In both cases, GPT gets the empty error value from BigQuery and doesn’t know how to process it. To fix it, start a new conversation with the GPT plugin and use the projects & datasets that you have permission to access.

GPT can’t log in to BigQuery

Sometimes, this issue happens if you provide multiple projects or tables in the very first message. Try starting with one project.dataset.table to authorize, and add all the rest of the tables in the second message.

Data didn’t get visualized

Sometimes, GPT may glitch and don’t display the image in the chat. Ask it to retry the last action if it happens.

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