OWOX BI SQL AI Copilot for BigQuery is a Chrome extension that enables you to automatically generate or improve your SQL queries in the sidebar of your Chrome browser.


For example, you can open the GPT SQL plugin alongside your BigQuery projects, Google Spreadsheets, or any other tool like OWOX BI BigQuery Reports for Google Sheets. Use it to chat with your tables and automatically generate the SQL code for reports!

Installing the OWOX BI SQL AI Copilot for BigQuery

Open in Chrome Web Store

Benefits you may find useful

  • Direct integration with Bigquery: share the schema of your tables with GPT automatically via BigQuery OAuth
  • The database relations are visualized automatically to help you ensure that GPT got the context of your data correctly
  • Custom instructions for BigQuery: we utilize our 10-year expertise with BigQuery to provide GPT with instructions focused on improving the use cases related to BigQuery
  • The plugin validates the correctness of the SQL code automatically, detects and fixes the errors in SQL with AI
  • Get the working SQL code within a single interface: thanks to the direct integration with BigQuery, you can manage the whole flow with GPT from start to working SQL code without the need to constantly switch the tabs
  • Context retention within chat conversation: set up once, save time, and conveniently generate the code relevant to the same tables in minutes.
  • Secure: OWOX BI is an established company with enterprise-grade security measures.

How the SQL Copilot works

Read more details in the article "Generate the SQL code automatically with the SQL Copilot for BigQuery: step-by-step instructions".

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