Do you ever find yourself writing a routine SQL code because you’re that one person who “knows SQL”? Even if all it takes is joining multiple tables, it still takes your time. Did you ever wish the code would write itself?

OWOX BI provides the SQL Copilot for BigQuery (ChatGPT plugin) that automatically enables you to generate SQL queries based on your projects!

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Benefits you may find useful

  • Direct integration with BigQuery: automatically share your tables' schema with GPT via BigQuery OAuth.
  • The relations between BigQuery tables are visualized automatically to help you ensure that GPT gets the context of your data correctly.
  • Custom instructions for BigQuery: we utilize our 10-year expertise with BigQuery to provide GPT with instructions focused on improving the use cases related to BigQuery.
  • The plugin validates the correctness of the SQL code automatically and detects and fixes the errors in SQL with AI.
  • Get the working SQL code within a single interface: thanks to the direct integration with BigQuery, you can manage the whole flow with GPT from the start to working SQL code without the need to constantly switch the tabs.
  • Context retention within chat conversation: set up once, save time, and conveniently generate the code relevant to the same tables in minutes.
  • Secure: OWOX BI is an established company with enterprise-grade security measures.

Getting started requirements

  • You are using the Google Cloud Platform and have an active project (how to set up GCP).
  • The data you will work with is stored in Google BigQuery.
  • You have IAM roles such as BigQuery Metadata Viewer or BigQuery Data Viewer (minimum to view table and dataset metadata). If you want to run queries and dry runs, then you need to have BigQuery Job User or BigQuery Admin roles.
  • You have the ChatGPT Plus subscription, which allows you to browse and use GPTs.

In the next article read how to start chatting with OWOX BI SQL Copilot.

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