Installing the extension and enabling SQL Copilot

Step 1. To install the extension, open the OWOX SQL Copilot for BigQuery on the official Chrome Web Store and click the 'Add to Chrome' button.




Step 2. Make sure you’re logged in to ChatGPT.

Note:To use custom GPT plugins you need to have a ChatGPT subscription starting from Plus or higher.


Step 3. Open OWOX SQL Copilot for BigQuery and type in the command “Sign in to BigQuery Extension”.



Step 4. Authorize access to BigQuery with Google OAuth. This will automatically enable GPT to have access to the data schema of your projects, data sets and tables to generate or improve your SQL queries.


Check out the video below:


Final. You're all set! Once you’ve authorized access to BigQuery for the first time, your browser will remember your choice. You’ll be able to use the GPT plugin as a sidebar extension with your browser.

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