Why is my pipeline blocks after a few hours of work?

In some cases, pipelines can be blocked after a few hours of work, and in OWOX BI you will see an offer to re-activate the pipeline. If this happens regularly, you should check your organization settings. 

The organization is a root node of the Google Cloud hierarchy. For us, an organization is @owox.com. For you - @your_company_name. Settings should be provided on an organizational level.
Also, please, note, that this case can be solved only at an organizational level, so you should contact your system administrator, or another person, responsible for Google environment settings. 

At the organizational level, settings have been introduced that impact session duration (from one hour to twenty-four hours). Consequently, if access is attempted on behalf of a user beyond this timeframe, a reauthentication (sign-in) will be required. In such a scenario, our service may not function optimally, necessitating OWOX BI users to consistently reissue access credentials by re-creating the pipeline. 

Based on the Google documentation, plausible to include the third-party app (OWOX BI) in the verification process, eliminating the constant need for re-authentication.

So you need to follow the documentation and in the session control set the field to "Exempt Trusted apps"...

...and mark our application as "Verified": 

Thus, this can be achieved without compromising the overall security settings for the organization.

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