How to use currency data in data preparation flows

Operating internationally, many businesses face the challenge of managing advertisements and revenues across different countries and currencies. A key difficulty is consolidating all costs and revenues into a single currency for effective analysis of advertising campaign performance. Our ' → Google BigQuery' pipeline, paired with transformation templates, offers a valuable solution to this challenge.

Step-by-step guide

This enhancement to the pipeline is crucial for streamlining automated data collection, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. It simplifies the advertising analytics process into three easy steps:

Step 1. Seamlessly integrate all your marketing data sources with Google BigQuery. This step requires no coding and sets the stage for unified data analysis.

List of most popular integrations:

By clicking on the provided links, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up each integration.

Step 2. Centralize all expenses into one currency for accurate cost analysis. Our ' → Google BigQuery' pipeline makes this task straightforward, ensuring that currency fluctuations do not impact your data insights. To set up this pipeline, follow the instructions.

Step 3. Implement the "Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Import (With Currency Convert)" transformation template. This template consolidates data from various sources into a unified view, simplifying your advertising cost analysis.

Ready-to-use solutions

Our gallery of ready-to-use solutions frequently employs data on expenses and revenues in diverse currencies. Hence, the exchange rate data from the ' → Google BigQuery' pipeline is extensively used in these solutions. This integration not only eases the complexity of handling multiple currencies but also guarantees that your analytics are both precise and reflective of actual scenarios.

By adopting the steps described above and utilizing the ' → Google BigQuery' pipeline, businesses can adeptly manage and analyze their advertising expenditures in various currencies. This leads to more informed decision-making and a clearer understanding of the efficacy of global advertising strategies.

List of most popular solutions:

By clicking on the provided links, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up each solution.

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