How to Set Apart One or More Reports and Pay Only for Their Data Refresh?

With the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets extension), a common scenario in your organization may involve creating hundreds of reports. This article guides you in managing these reports independently, which is especially useful if your team or department has a separate budget for reporting needs.

To segregate several reports and exclusively manage data refreshes for them, you will need to establish a new GCP (Google Cloud Platform) project and a new OWOX BI project and then link them together.

Do I need to move data from the current GCP project to the new one?

No, you don't need to move the data or even update the SQL query. Your data can stay in the current GCP project.

How it works

  • Your current GCP project stores your data.
  • The new GCP project is required for processing requests. You can select the new project in the OWOX BI extension interface and choose which Queries to run from this new GCP project.
  • Note: In the SQL queries, you still have to refer to the data from your current GCP project.


Follow the steps outlined below to achieve your goal:

Step 1: Create a New OWOX BI Project

1.1. Go to and sign in.


1.2. Choose β€œSwitch project” in the project menu, then click β€œCreate new project”.


Your new OWOX BI project is now active and has a FREE subscription, allowing up to 100 Report Runs Lite per month.

Step 2: Launch a New GCP Project

2.1. In the Google Cloud Console, open the Cloud Resource Manager page, and select β€œCreate new project”. Follow Google's guidelines for project and organization creation if you need help.


2.2. On the Billing page, ensure your billing account is active. If necessary, activate it following this official guide.

2.3. Make your first run:

  • Create a new document in Google Sheets.
  • In the BigQuery Reports panel, click β€œAdd a new report”.
  • Select your new GCP project.
  • Choose the β€œGitHub Repositories By Language” query.
  • Hit 'Add & Run' and wait for completion.

Step 3: Get Support From the OWOX BI Team

3.1. Email your OWOX BI manager or the support team at and request to manually connect your new OWOX BI project with your GCP project. Provide the link to your OWOX BI project and the ID of your new GCP project.

3.2. (Optional) Choose a new billing plan for your new OWOX BI project to ensure continuous data updates in your reports.

Step 4: Finalize in Google Sheets

Open each Google Sheets report you need and update the project details to your new GCP project in the extension interface. Confirm proper query execution by clicking β€œRun”.


You’re done! From this moment you can manage some of your reports in a segregated manner, facilitating better control and customization according to specific team needs.

The 'Credits consumption' page in your new OWOX BI project is available for efficient monitoring and management of resources. Additionally, should you face any issues or have queries regarding using OWOX BI BigQuery Reports, our support team is ready to assist you at


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