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AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery: Set up pipeline

To create the pipeline, go to the new pipeline creation page and do the following.

Step 1: Select data source: AppsFlyer:Create_pipeline_step_1_AF_en.png

Step 2: Provide access to Google BigQuery:

Step 3: Select Google BigQuery project and data set:

Step 4: Copy the postback URL:

Step 5: Add the postback URL in API access settings of your AppsFlyer account:

On the AppsFlyer dashboard, in the left-side menu, select Integration > Access. Then, in the Push API section, click Add Postback.

Here, paste the copied URL to the Postback URL field and check the boxes as in the screenshot below.

Important: Make sure the Push API version field has 2.0 selected. Version 2.0 collects more data while 1.0 is deprecated and will be shut down on August 31, 2020.


If you need to collect data on the other events (Re-engagement, Re-attribution, Re-engagement In-App Events, Re-attribution In-App Events), check those too. The data on these events will be available in your AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery pipeline in OWOX BI.

Note: AppsFlyer Push API lets you upload data to Google BigQuery without any limitations.

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