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AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery: Set up pipeline

At new pipeline creation page do the following steps:

Step 1: Select data source: AppsFlyer

Step 2: Provide access to Google BigQuery

Step 3: Select Google BigQuery project and data set 

Step 4: Copy postback URL 

Step 5: Add postback URL in API access settings of your AppsFlyer account

On the AppsFlyer dashboard, in the left-side menu, select Integration > Access. Then, in the Push API section, click Add Postback.

Here, paste the copied URL to the Postback URL field and check the boxes as in the screenshot below:


If you need to collect data on the other events (Re-engagement, Re-attribution, Re-engagement In-App Events, Re-attribution In-App Events), check those too. The data on these events will be available in your AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery pipeline in OWOX BI.

Note: AppsFlyer Push API lets you upload data to Google BigQuery without any limitations.

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