AppsFlyer: Streaming schema for iOS


Streamed data is separated into tables by days, according to your AppsFlyer account settings.

Tables naming is 'ios_events_YYYYMMDD'.

Hit data is available for processing within 2-5 minutes after dispatch.


Each hit is written to a separate row.


The columns within the table are listed below.

Google BigQuery aliasGoogle BigQuery data typeDescription
event_type STRING  
attribution_type STRING  
click_time STRING  
download_time STRING  
install_time STRING  
media_source STRING  
agency STRING  
af_channel STRING  
af_keywords STRING  
campaign STRING  
af_c_id STRING  
af_adset STRING  
af_adset_id STRING  
af_ad STRING  
af_ad_id STRING  
fb_campaign_name STRING  
fb_campaign_id STRING  
fb_adset_name STRING  
fb_adset_id STRING  
fb_adgroup_name STRING  
fb_adgroup_id STRING  
af_ad_type STRING  
af_siteid STRING  
af_sub1 STRING  
af_sub2 STRING  
af_sub3 STRING  
af_sub4 STRING  
af_sub5 STRING  
http_referrer STRING  
click_url STRING  
af_cost_model STRING  
af_cost_value STRING  
af_cost_currency STRING  
cost_per_install STRING  
is_retargeting BOOLEAN  
re_targeting_conversion_type STRING  
country_code STRING  
city STRING  
wifi BOOLEAN  
mac STRING  
language STRING  
appsflyer_device_id STRING  
idfa STRING  
customer_user_id STRING  
idfv STRING  
platform STRING  
device_type STRING  
device_name STRING  
os_version STRING  
app_version STRING  
sdk_version STRING  
app_id STRING  
app_name STRING  
event_time STRING  
event_name STRING  
event_value STRING  
currency STRING  
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