Revenue and [metric] by [dimension] compared between attribution models GA First/Last/Last Non-Direct Click and [OWOX BI Attribution model]

Revenue and [metric] by [dimension] compared between attribution models GA Last Click and [OWOX BI Attribution model]

You can select a First Click or Last Click model instead of Last Non-Direct Click by clicking on the model name in the query input line:First_Click_select_ru-1.png

In case you need to compare Funnel Based with more than one model, you can add models to the report by inputting “and” and the name of the model you need. For example, “and Last Click”. Then just select one of the suggested queries:First_Click_select_en.png

To build the reports correctly, keep this in mind

  • The reports compare other models to Funnel Based model. If there is no calculated Funnel Based attribution model in your OWOX BI project, you’ll not be able to build the comparison report.
  • If the report includes more than one Funnel Based model, then all the other Funnel Based models in the report will be compared to the Funnel Based model that stands first in the query (the base model).
  • If the “direct / none” source/medium is excluded in the base Funnel Based model’s funnel settings, then the Last Click model becomes identical to the Last Non-Direct Click model.
  • The First Click, Last Click, and Last Non-Direct Click models will have differences in the report only if the report is built using dimensions that appear in both Google Analytics and base Funnel Based model. These dimensions are:
    • Source and medium in GA
    • Campaign in GA
    • Keyword in GA
    • Medium in GA
    • Ad content

Available metrics

  • ROI
  • ROAS
  • share of advertising costs

Available dimensions

  • campaign
  • source and medium
  • medium
  • channel grouping
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