September 1, 2016 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Import statistics on image ads (Yandex.Direct)

OWOX BI Pipeline

Yandex Direct cost data → Google Analytics

We have added support for image ads statistics.

In fact, only TEXT_IMAGE_AD is available in API. Statistics for any other types of text ads, except for text ads is not yet available in the API at the moment.

You may share the need for this feature with your Yandex manager.


myTarget cost data → Google Analytics

Now all your campaigns cost from myTarget ad platform including VK, OK, and Moi Mir will be automatically imported into Google Analytics.

This integration provides you with all the familiar features of OWOX BI Pipeline, including:

  • Using your actual tags to determine a source of traffic;
  • Historical cost data import;
  • Ad links tags verification;
  • Import updates based on cost data actualization.
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