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What access level is required to import cost data?

To import data to Google Analytics, your Google account must have the Edit permission in the Google Analytics property you want to upload cost data to using the OWOX BI pipeline.

For most of the advertising platforms, OWOX BI needs the read-only scope of access. This is enough for us to correctly collect the statistics and information about link tagging in your ads.

However, Yandex.Direct does not separate the read-only and editing rights on the API level. This means that Yandex.Direct API will grant OWOX BI the same access rights as has the user who provided OWOX BI with access to Yandex.Direct account.

More about Yandex.Direct access and roles.

To import cost data from VK, OWOX BI requests "Access to advertising accounts". It's necessary for correct statistics collection and recognition of UTM tags and dynamic parameters.

To import the raw data from Facebook to Google BigQuery, OWOX BI requests the ads_management permission.

Our service will not, under any circumstance, take any action for changing the settings of your account, campaigns, or banners.

Important: If you notice any suspicious activity in your account, we recommend that you change the password for your account and update the access to the ad service in OWOX BI so that your pipeline works properly. If the password is changed, the pipeline is blocked until the access is updated.

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