Start and schedule model calculation

After you set up model parameters and funnel steps, start calculation of your model.

To do that, click Calculate model:


A transactional window will appear.

A transactional window is a period of time out of which conversions are analyzed. Value is attributed only to sessions that lead to these conversions.

The parameter is set before model calculation, right after click on “Calculate model” button or when setting up a schedule of automatic calculations.

Here are a few examples of how conversion window and transactional window influence what sessions get attributed value: 

Now, set the transactional window and click Run calculation:

Model will be preparing for calculation:

Usually, calculation takes up to 30 minutes. It depends on analyzed data volume: number of sessions and selected time frames.

After calculation is finished, open the Results page. From there you can access resultant data in Google BigQuery and reports based on the data:

Scheduling automatic calculations for the model

To ensure that you always have relevant data in your reports, you can automate calculations of your model by setting up calculations schedule.

To set up the schedule, do the following:

  1. Click Set up schedule in the header of your model:
  2. Select your preferred settings and click Save:

This lets you set a really flexible schedule specifying a particular time of calculations.

Note: When scheduling calculations, the end date of the transaction window is the scheduled calculation day. Changing the settings, consider when your model's data source is being updated in Google BigQuery.

For example, OWOX BI Pipeline data for the current day appears in BigQuery only for the next day. If you want to calculate the model with these data on the daily basis, then set the transaction window to 2 days—the model will be calculated when the new data will be already pipelined to BigQuery.

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