OWOX BI Smart Data reports

OWOX BI Smart Data — is a service that lets you “talk” with your data. Writing SQL queries or any technical background isn't required.

Ask it a few questions to get answers to your questions about the results of your attribution model calculation.

Examples of reports

There are some ready to use reports on the Results tab:


More reports are available in the Smart Data interface. Read our documentation for the details. 

Results interpretation

In the report that compares attribution models, there are columns that show the monetary and relative differences. It shows how campaign value changes if when the value is assigned for campaign contribution on each stage of the conversion path, not only the last one.
Campaigns that are overvalued have a negative difference. Campaigns with the greatest difference value should be analyzed and re-evaluated in the first place.

More on testing and measuring the effectiveness of Funnel Based model in our post “How to evaluate the cost efficiency of the attribution model”.

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