A Smart Data model is created in your project once the first session data table is collected in BigQuery. If you need to create one more data model, follow the guide below.

To create a new model, go to the Smart Data section inOWOX BI and click Create model:


On the model creation page please do the following.

Step 1: Provide access to your Google BigQuery project

The access is required as the service queries your Google BigQuery data when you ask a question in Smart Data.


Step 2: Google BigQuery project

As a source for your data model you can use Google Analytics data, saved in Google BigQuery in the format of OWOX BI Pipeline: Google Analytics Real-Time Data → Google BigQuery or Google BigQuery Export for Google Analytics 360.

Please note
Currently questions both to Google Analytics and OWOX BI Attribution work withing one data model. On this step it's required to select a dataset with Google Analytics data, even in case you want to ask only questions to OWOX BI Attribution.


Step 3: Complete model creation

In the current version of Smart Data only data model based on Google Analytics and OWOX BI Attribution data is available, so on this step you just confirm model creation.


The model you create will be shown in the left menu on bi.owox.com. Its name is the same as the name of your Google Cloud project.

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