Upload Data from Google Sheets to Google BigQuery: Step-by-Step Instructions

With BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets Extension), you can upload any data from Google Sheets to Google BigQuery. To do it, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Follow this instruction to install the extension if you haven't done so yet.

Step 2. Prepare a Google Sheets table in the required structure.

For example, the cost data schema must include all the UTM tags you use in your ad URL. Also, you need to break down the costs by days and UTM tags.


NoteFill out the adCost field considering the following:

  • set up the cell format as Plain text (Format > Number > Plain text);
  • use “dot” as a decimal mark;
  • do not use a thousand separator;
  • do not use spaces in numbers.

Step 3. Navigate to Extensions > OWOX BI BigQuery Reports and choose the Upload data to BigQuery option.


Step 4. In the Set destination & schema window, select the target project and dataset, then enter the desired name for a table. Also, select the fields that you want to upload to BigQuery. By default, the field type is set to STRING, but we highly recommend specifying the data type according to the context.

For example, the cost data fields must be set as follows:



Step 5. To upload data, press Start Upload.

ImportantTo process the historical data, add new cost data records to the Google Sheets table without deleting the previous ones. Next, upload the cost data to the existing BigQuery table using the above method.
Note, when you reload data to the same Google BigQuery table, you will see the message “Table exists, choose write action”. In this case, select the “TRUNCATE” option.

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