What UTM tags are required for the correct data collection and cost import to Google Analytics?

Please use the URL Builder tool from Google to check your labels.

Note: If you already have a question mark "?" in the destination URL, followed by a request parameter, you need to add UTM-tags to an existing URL parameter with "&" prefix.


When your ad has no UTM-tags or there is an error that does not allow to set the traffic source correctly, appropriate source / medium substitution logic is used (similar to traffic definition in Google Analytics) for each advertising service:

  source medium
Facebook Ads  facebook.com referral
Bing Ads  bing.com referral
VK  vk.com referral
Yandex Direct yabs.yandex.ru referral
Yandex Market market.yandex.ru referral
Hotline  hotline.ua referral
Trafmag  trafmag.com referral
myTarget target.my.com referral
Sklik seznam cpc
Twitter twitter.com social
Criteo criteo cpc
Outbrain outbrain cpc
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    PPC Matt

    Isn't the Facebook medium considered social?

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