Importing RFM-analysis results from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics

Importing RFM-analysis results to Google Analytics allows:

Setting up of RFM-analysis data import in Google Analytics from Google BigQuery consists of several stages:

  1. Set up a web property in Google Analytics
  2. Set up streaming in OWOX BI Pipeline

Google Analytics Web-property setting

    1. Create user level Custom Dimensions  results of RFM-analysis (Custom Definitions -> Custom Dimensions -> + New Custom Dimension):

    2. Create a new data set for data import to Google Analytics (Data Import -> NewData Set):
      • Choose data set type โ€” User data<

      • Select Query Time import behavior. It helps to combine historical and imported data; Otherwise data will be combined only with hits which were collected into Google Analytics after importing RFM-analysis results. Please note that Query Time import is available only for Google Analytics 360 users

      • Select data set name and specify the list of views in which imported data will be available

      • Specify the data set schema and save this data set:

      • Google Analytics Web-property settings for data import are completed.

Set up streaming in OWOX BI Pipeline

  1. Prepare SQL-query, that returns data in valid structure
  2. Create streaming in OWOX BI Pipeline, following this instructions

Wait until you see the data in Google Analytics:


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