Set up model parameters

Once you have created a model, you'll be redirected to the Settings tab:


Here, you can adjust a conversion window, manage channels value assignment, and set up each step of the conversion funnel.

Conversion window

A Conversion window is a number of days before conversion. Only sessions happened within the conversion window will get value.

By default, this parameter is set to 30 days. The length of a conversion window depends greatly on the type of your business. We recommend using the period shown in the “Time Lag” report in Google Analytics as a conversion window for your model (Conversions→Multi-Channel Funnels→Time Lag in the left-side menu panel).


User ID

The field User ID custom dimension index is required if Google BigQuery Export for Google Analytics is a source of your attribution model.

You can find this index in your Google Analytics account: go to Admin→Custom Definitions→Custom Dimensions.

Assign value to all traffic channels

Here, you can exclude certain traffic channels and assign their value to the previous channel in the conversion funnel. This option is described in-depth in the article “Exclude traffic channels that should not get value assigned.”

After you have set up parameters of your model, you can proceed to the funnel steps setup.

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