How is the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline data actualized?

Your ad spends calculated by the advertising services may still be corrected over time. For example, ad services can update statistics by excluding bot activity or false clicks. As a result, cost data collected to Google Analytics via the OWOX BI pipelines or native Google integration with Google Ads changes as well.

To provide you with the most accurate information about your ad spends, OWOX BI makes regular requests to Google Analytics within a preset actualization period. If any cost data changes are detected in your Google Analytics account, OWOX BI will update the corresponding data in the CostData_ tables in Google BigQuery.

The default data source set and data actualization period depend on the data import scheme used in your Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline. See the details below.

Data import scheme Default data source set Default data actualization period

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All the ad costs (including Google Ads costs) collected to Google Analytics

90 days

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Only Google Ads costs collected to Google Analytics

30 days


Actualization of the connected pipelines data

If there are cost updates in the connected Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines, OWOX BI will automatically upload these changes into the CostData_ tables in an hour.

You can also read about data actualization in the Ad serviсe → Google Analytics pipelines.

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