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What are the possible reasons of discrepancy in Google Analytics and the Google Analytics Real-Time Data → Google BigQuery pipeline data?

If there is a discrepancy in Google Analytics and Streaming data in your project, please check that:

  • In tags sequencing OWOX BI tag set to fire first.
  • Google Analytics data collecting is set up using a tracker named «owox».
  • Google Analytics Property ID has been specified in your Streaming tracking code.
  • Fields specified at tracker creation time are set in a streaming tag.

Note:We recommend using customTask to integrate the OWOXBI tracking code via Google Tag Manager.

The reason for discrepancies may also be:

  • Changing TimeZone property of linked Google Analytics web property after creating a pipeline.
  • Changing the scope of custom dimensions used in session streaming settings.
  • Too large hit payload size (more than 8 KB).
  • A release of a new browser version, in cases, when its support of JavaScript changes.
  • Using the proxy server or firewall settings, which prevents sending data to some servers.
  • Using of plug-ins for the browsers, which blocks sending data to Google Analytics.
  • Lag differences between an initial action and logging a hit on each analytics service servers can lead to differences in counts. For instance, a user may click on a link to navigate elsewhere before the pageview has been sent or link click event is sent.
  • A network may behave differently on the data transit route from its origin to a destination server.
  • Google Analytics Collection Limits and Quotas.
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