Payment profile settings

When creating the OWOX BI project, after choosing a plan, select a payment method and enter your billing information.

Payment method

OWOX BI project will be activated after validation of the selected payment method. The easiest and quickest way to pay is a debit or credit card. Fill in the form with the card number, its validity, and CVC code.


ImportantMake sure you provided a valid card with the ability to make Internet payments, including transactions in a foreign currency. During the card validation, an amount ($1) will be withdrawn from your account and returned immediately.

Billing details

In this section, you need to provide your billing address and tax status. Your country of residence and tax status determine the taxes added to your charges and the types of documents that you receive.

Billing address

Complete the address form:


Tax status

Next, choose your tax status, i.e., “Legal entity”, “Individual entrepreneur”, or “Private person”, and provide your tax IDs.

Legal entity


Individual entrepreneur


Private person


Additional information

In this section, you can provide any other tax details you want to appear on your invoice.


Set-up completion

To complete your payment profile settings, confirm you agree to the OWOX BI Service Terms, then click Save.


Paying your subscription fee

The subscription fee is withdrawn from your bank account automatically according to your subscription terms.

Note that your OWOX BI project will be active only if there is a valid payment method. If the withdrawal of funds was unsuccessful for any reason, then the OWOX BI project and all services configured in it (which are not available in the Free plan) will be blocked. In this case, you can update your payment card data to activate the service. Read more about when your service will be resumed here.

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