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When the cost data will appear in Google BigQuery?

How soon the data gets to Google BigQuery

When you create a pipeline, OWOX BI imports historical data from your Google Analytics View for the previous six months. The tables with the imported data will be appearing in Google BigQuery gradually, starting with the latest date. Importing all the data takes up to 48 hours, depending on the data's overall amount.

The regular daily data import usually takes up to 2 hours: between 10 AM and 12 AM. If a large amount of your Google Analytics data has been retroactively updated, table updates and creation can take up to 24 hours.

How does the data upload process work

Data import starts every day at 10 AM accordingly to the timezone set in your Google Analytics view. At the same time every day, the starts the historical data update for the previous six months.

10 AM is chosen as the upload and update start time because by this time cost data becomes available in all cost data sources' API.

The upload process begins with the checking for which of the previous days the cost data was altered in Google Analytics. This usually takes up to 10 minutes. After the check, the list of days for which the data must be updated is made up. Then the new data for this days is uploaded.

Note:If the cost data appeared in Google Analytics after 10 AM, then this data will not be considered in the current day's update and will be uploaded retrospectively during the next day's update.
If you don't see cost data from certain channels in OWOX BI, the reason for their absence may be the data upload time in Google Analytics.

There also can be an import holdup when the Google Analytics API query limit is exceeded. This may happen when other services, aside from OWOX BI, make queries to your View's data. In this case, data import for some of the days can be postponed, but these data will appear in BigQuery during one of the next daily updates.

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