OWOX BI Email Marketing Setup: BigQuery data

At new mailing creation page do the following steps:

Step 1: Select source of data for segment of recipients - Google BigQuery


Step 2: Provide access to Google BigQuery


Step 3: Select a trigger to send letters

Triggering query - a query that specifies which users will  receive a letter, as well as information about the content received by each user.


Step 4: Provide queries with information about recipients and content

User's information — this query displays information about users;
Content's information — this query displays information about products.


Step 5: Select mailing service


Step 6: Provide access to Mailing service


Step 7: Customize email campaign

Configure your mailing settings:

  • Enter the name of email campaign;
  • Enter the name of letter template at mailing service;
  • Mailing frequency - a one-time mailing or regular mailing at intervals of N days;
  • Don't send repeated messages to a user during N days — the option eliminates the user from re-mailing for a specified period;
  • Don't send the same content to a user during N days — the option eliminates the content from an email if it was already sent to a user during a period you set.


Please note We don't recommend to use option that eliminates sending the same content, if you aggregate any content related value in the trigger query.
There might be cases when query results differ from email content, as content is filtered not only with query but with the option too in the moment of sending an email.
For example, accordingly to query results a list of some products is expected. But an email might not contain some of the products in case if a user already got an email with the same product before.

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