Trigger will personalize your mailing list:


user_id defines the user data required
product_id defines content personalization  
... personalize other content using custom fields  

Columns in a user data query:                         

NameDescriptionRequired field
id connects user data to a user specified in a trigger required
email email address of the recepient required
name recipient’s name  
... include any other information about users that you want to refer to in a template (e.g. address, phone number)  

Columns in a content data query:               

id connects content data to a personalized content in a trigger required
... include any other product information (e.g. price, link, image URL)  

Users and content information queries can have any number of additional parameters.
Queries can process arbitrary data to which the user has access.
In mailing templates you have to use the same parameter names as provided in queries.


  1. content parameters are transmitted into the array of products: The URLwithUTM parameter is specified in the template as follows:
    {{#each products}}
    <a href="{{this.URLwithUTM}}">{{this.title}}</a>
  2. user name parameter — {{}}
  3. personalized product parameters are specified in the trigger amountInBasket, and in the mailing pattern are used as follows:
    {{#each products}}
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